Coastal Village Teaching Project

This project is a great local initiative in Puerto Lopez. Due to lack of municipal initiatives and options for local youth, Freddy Soto started a soccer club for the youngsters. Through sports he motivates kids to stay in school, gives them motivational talks, and they get additional English classes each afternoon with volunteers. Youngsters can only be part of the soccer team if they are inscribed at school and get good grades. He also arranged an agreement with a school in Canada where every semester several team players get the opportunity to go to a completely paid exchange to improve their English if they have been member of the soccer club for at least two years and have good grades at school. The soccer and English program runs all year.

The school is appreciative of the help of volunteers and volunteers enjoy the community feel that their work brings.  Please note that this project closes between February and April for school summer holidays.

Volunteer activities

Volunteers are needed to help in the following activities

  • English classes, the English teachers always needs help with preparing lessons, finding new materials such as English songs as well as practicing conversational English with volunteers to help pronunciation.
  • Classroom assistant – all of the teachers need help in their classrooms, preparing lessons, helping with activities, assisting children who are slower than others
  • Art/Sport lessons – if you are very interested in these subjects you are more than welcome to help the teachers give these lessons and come up with new ideas.
  • IT lessons – the school has a basic computer room that volunteers could use to help to give computing lessons which is a really necessary skill for children to learn.

Please feel free to use your own initiative and see where your help can most be focused within the school.  There are many different mini-projects you can take on during your time at the school and they are always happy to receive help and new ideas.

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Work schedule

Your working week is from Monday to Friday from 7.00am to 13.30pm.  You will have your afternoons and weekends free to explore the local area.  The school year is different on the Ecuadorian coast compared to the highlands.  Classes finish for summer holidays at the beginning of February and the start of the new school year is in May.  It is important that you are on-time and punctual to work.


This project is located in the town of Puerto Lopez in the province of Guayas.  You will have to travel first to Ecuador’s biggest city, Guayaquil and then on to Puerto Lopez.  Travelling in bus from Quito it will take you approximately 12 hours to reach.  However you could always take a flight from Quito to Guayaquil to cut down your travelling time considerably.