Day Care Centre for Vulnerable Children

Villa Ticca is a nonprofit foundation that provides childcare to poor families in the south of Quito. The suburb is called El Camal which is a low socio-economic area. Families in this area commonly suffer from issues of domestic violence, substance addiction and the rate of single motherhood is high.

The day care service provided by Villa Ticca means that the children receive nutritious meals throughout the day, educational classes to begin their learning development and regular medical check-ups. The parents of the children also benefit from the service as it allows them the freedom to earn an income during the day whilst having the peace of mind that their children are being well taken care of.

The children at Villa Ticca are divided into 4 groups depending on their age. The groups are as follows:

Group 1: Children aged 2 – 3
Group 2: Children aged 3 – 4
Group 3: Children aged 4 – 5
Escolares: Children aged 5 – 12. These children come to Villa Ticca once they have finished school for the day and receive help with their homework.  It is a project that is well organized and has nice materials and toys for the children.

Volunteer activities

In total there are 7 local employees at the project and you will assist one of them in their work with the children. You can normally choose what age group you would like to work with. General activities include:

  • Playing with the children
  • Helping with educational activities
  • Cleaning and caring for the children
  • Helping to prepare the meals in the kitchen
  • Helping with meal times
  • Organizing group activities

It is strongly recommended to show initiative and organize activities that you can do with the children. This can vary between dance classes, sports activities, music lessons or any other activity that you would like to do with the children. To give you a better understanding of the circumstances in which these children live, the foundation organizes house visits so that volunteers can see the reality of their daily lives.

Work schedule

Your working week is Monday to Friday. You will have your weekends free to explore Quito and the surrounding areas. You should arrive at the center by 8.30am and will work till approximately 1.00 pm.

It is only possible to stay in the afternoon and work with the school aged children if you have a specific activity planned with them. For example, if you want to teach dance classes or do a specific sports activity with the children, you can discuss this with the staff of Villa Ticca and there will be the possibility to stay in the afternoon until 4.00pm. In this case, you will have lunch with the staff at the day care.


This project is located in the south of Quito. You will have to catch a bus to the project – it will take you approximately 30 minutes to reach and slightly longer when there is traffic.