English School, Soccer School, Talent School, Swimming School

Local Dreamers is a non-profit organization that reaches out to help underprivileged children and adults in the south of Quito, de capital of Ecuador. They do this through several different activities: English classes, soccer training, swimming lessons and workshops at the talent school. As a volunteer you will have the chance to help with all these different activities, depending on your own interests and talents. Below we will give you a short description of each activity and how you can help.

Local Dreamers is an open and flexible foundation in which the volunteers participate actively in the different projects. Your suggestions about improvements or new ideas are highly appreciated. Every month there is a meeting in which volunteers will have the chance to present new ideas. Based on your own interests and talents you can work in the English school, soccer school, swimming school and/or the talent school. You can combine the things that you would like to do.

English School

At the community center in Villaflora, English is taught to children, adolescents and adults. Students pay a symbolic fee and anyone who is interested in the English classes can join. This can vary from adolescents who need help with their English at home to adults whose opportunities as a professional increase when they have better knowledge of the language. The community center does not only teach English, but also uses the lessons to create a discussion on values and behavior.

Volunteer activities at the English School
  • Prepare classes
  • Teach and assist in classes
  • Develop material
  • Anything that may arise, e.g. helping kids with their English homework of their school, giving additional tutoring classes, help translate/explain English documents, etc.
Soccer School

The Soccer School is a project of Local Dreamers that focuses on teaching soccer to children (aged 5-16) while in the mean time teaching important values such as respect, discipline, working together and self-esteem. There are two different groups at the soccer school, the recreational group for the little children and the performance group which is more focused on the rules and technics of soccer. The soccer training is given in the South of Quito, in the neighborhood Pueblo Solo Pueblo – La Arcadia.

Volunteer activities at the Soccer School
  • Prepare soccer trainings
  • Teach and assist in trainings
  • Develop team assignments



Talent School

The Talent School aims to provide a safe environment for children between 8 and 16 years old, where they can discover and develop their talents. Volunteers, interns and professionals share their knowledge, experiences and dreams with children that usually don´t have the chance to develop their talents. Every week a workshop is given with a different theme. This can vary from cooking to digital media to any kind of sports activity. In general the activities can be subdivided into four categories: Sports & Wellbeing, Arts & Music, Handicrafts & Engineering and Digital Media. As a volunteer you can share your own knowledge, talents and dreams and create a range of workshops around a specific theme.

Volunteer activities at the Talent School
  • Develop workshops with different themes
  • Give workshops to children
  • Assist in workshops developed by others
  • Participate in the evaluation of each different workshop
Swimming School

In the south of Quito, close to our Soccer School, swimming classes are given to a group of underprivileged children in the ages 6 till 12. The main goal is to teach children how to swim and be self-reliant in the water. Besides this the children develop their self-esteem and the ability to take initiative and they learn important values such as respect, discipline and working together. The lessons are taught in the neighborhood Franco Mendez in the south of Quito.

Volunteer activities at the Swimming School
  • Teach swimming to the children, being the main coach
  • Assist in swimming classes
  • Develop team assignments
Work schedule

Your working week is from Monday to Friday. It depends on your interests when you will be working at the project and in which activities you will participate. We recommend combining different activities and thereby offering your full support to Local Dreamers. During your first day at the project, someone of our team will make a schedule together with you. Remember that it takes time to prepare for classes and activities; therefore you should be present at Local Dreamers from 09.00am till 6.00pm