Horse Ranch Project

This privately owned hacienda is located in the province Pichincha, near the small town of Tabacundo on the old road to the lakes of Mojanda. The hacienda is run by the Family Cornejo, whom raise horses of different breeds mostly because they love them and sometimes also to be sold to other horse lovers.

The amount of horses on the hacienda varies, but mostly there are between 60 and 70 horses in different ages. Most are bred and trained on the hacienda by the local staff. Horses are kept in the many fields around the hacienda and in the stables. The hacienda also has about 150 sheep and pure bred dogs.

Volunteers wanting to work at the hacienda should be horse lovers, with riding experience and willing to work hard. The family is not always at the hacienda, but it has a local family and workers to take care of the daily chores. If the case is that you are alone at the hacienda you will live with the local family in the hacienda house. If there are more volunteers you will stay in the volunteer accommodation of the hacienda.

Volunteer activities

Volunteers are needed to help in the following activities:

  • Day to day care of the animals
  • Training of the horses
  • Riding activities
  • Maintenance of the stables
  • Feeding of the animals
  • Sometimes for emergency ridings
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Work schedule

You will work Monday to Friday from 7am to 4pm, with an hour for lunch. Volunteers are free for the weekend.


This project is located close to the small town of Tabacundo, about an hour and a half from Quito or 45 minutes from Otavalo.