Indigenous Community Environmental Project

Experience indigenous lifestyle in the Ecuadorean Amazon and help the families in their daily work, social projects (health, education, etc.) and local agriculture. The Kichwa language is the second language of Ecuador, because of the fact that the Kichwa’s are the biggest indigenous population in the country. They have their own lifestyle with their own habits and specific traditions. The health system is based on the shamans and medicinal plants. Unfortunately the Kichwa culture is disappearing because of the worldwide globalization.

Volunteers help in one of the many communities in a number of areas in order to protect this unique culture and the surrounding environment whilst at the same time learning a lot about the modern day conflict faced by many indigenous communities that want to progress in modern society whilst preserving their heritage for future generations. All the communities are located inside the Amazon, which has an unrivaled natural wealth. Therefore, in every community, you will be able to observe the incredible flora and fauna, rest in hammocks and walk in the rainforest, and you will learn about the Kichwa culture and its traditions.

Volunteer activities

Volunteer tasks vary greatly depending on the needs of the community and the time of year that you visit, however activities can included:

  • Give English classes at the school of the community, during school times from Monday till Friday.
  • Give classes about the environmental problems or about health.
  • Sometimes, help to prepare the food for the family.
  • To support and advice in the construction of making cottages.
  • Help with the garden and plant fruits or the products that the family sells. Also help in the community nursery garden.
  • Help with construction or maintenance of the cottages, environmentally friendly baths and helping with the development of an alternative for organic compost through good management of organic wastes.

Please feel free to use your own initiative and see where your help can most be focused within the project. There are many different mini-projects you can take on during your time here and they are always happy to receive help and new ideas.



Work schedule

You will work from Monday to Friday and will have your weekends free to explore the local area.  Your working hours are flexible depending on the task that are need to be carried out however generally you will work in the morning from 8.30am until midday and in the afternoon from 2pm till 4pm.  You will work approximately 4 to 6 hours per day.


This project is based in Campococha community located in a rural area 40 minutes outside of the city Tena.