Are you interested in coming to Ecuador to learn Spanish, volunteer or travel? That's a great idea, as Ecuador is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world and has also other benefits. Did you know that:

  • From Quito you can travel to either the coast or the jungle in only 6 hours!
  • Ecuador has the purest form of Spanish in Latin America, and is therefore the number one spot to learn the language…
  • Ecuador was the first country in the world to declare that Nature constitutional rights in 2008.
  • Ecuador exports more bananas than any other country in the world and grows over 300 varieties of this delicious fruit!
  • Ecuador has the highest diversity of humming bird species (131 kinds!)
  • Ecuador is home to the Galapagos Islands, where scientist Charles Darwin discovered proof for his theory of natural selection.
  • The Panama Hat is originally from Montecristi and has been officially renamed in 2013 to be recognized worldwide as the Montecristi hat

But moreover, Ecuador is a great destination to combine learning Spanish, Volunteer and Travel due to the fact that in this small South American country all can be done in a relative short amount of time, due to the not-so-long travel distances.